Welcome Eostra

or Persephone or (if you must) Jesus Christ. I had a tiff with my friend last night about the meaning of Easter and how we should celebrate it. This was played out as she munched on the mini chocolate eggs her children were supposed to be hunting for on Sunday but then needs must (and I’d refused to share my fudge).
“It is the celebration of Spring,” I said. “It is one of the oldest celebrations known to man, with the first such occasion dating back to 2400BC. The word Easter is derived from the Pagan Goddess Eostra, who would conceive a child at this time.”
“So you suggest that instead of eating Creme Eggs, we all get pregnant?”
“Christ no,” I replied.
After a moment’s thought, I added ‘but we could all have a good shag.’
“So you suggest that instead of lining an extra aisle in Tesco’s with chocolate, we should line it with…”

That is my suggestion to you anyway. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Don’t get pregnant.

Kiersty x

4 thoughts on “Welcome Eostra

  1. What a brilliant idea! Sometimes I wonder if the Christians actually invented anything. I was going to post my Easter rant which basically goes, couldn’t an omnibenevolent, omniscient, omnipotent being think of anyway to redeem us that didn’t involve anyone getting tortured to death? But one thing I’ve learned about Christians, they offend easy. Haha, happy Eostra Day to you, Ms Boon. Enjoy your fudge and the other too, woohoo.

  2. Ha ha! You give new definition to the word Estrogen too 🙂
    You know what they say about what chocolate is a substitute for!

    PS I really enjoyed hearing you read PSquires’ poetry. Both of you have these awesome reading voices.

  3. LMAO – Ahhh … to be a fly on the wall. Witty … and as a Pagan I say … YES!!!

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