Cheerio Eostra

It was a feisty meet at the Poets Cornered last night. The twenty minute exercise was on the theme of Eostra/Easter (why didn’t I plan a poem beforehand? Ugh, I really should remember forward thinking) and most had a lot of fun with it. I did a rhyme which surprised me… but suited the upbeat tongue-in-cheek nature of it, I think.

All Rise (20 minutes, Poets Cornered Group)eostra2

Foil wrapped aphrodisiacs

stacked high to childish grins

of this once a year decadence,

an indulgence of Christian whims.

But she has won the game,

dear Eostra, so fair

with her hourglass frame

and her faithful hares,

for chocolate will seduce

both the priest and non-believers

to rejoice in the blissful purity

of our heathen carnal pleasures.


by Kiersty

And that should be my last word on the subject (for twelve months or so, haha).


One thought on “Cheerio Eostra

  1. That is very rich and there is a rhyme, cool. 20 minute exercises test what you have learned already and sometimes spring unusual surprises.

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