Poets Cornered Anthology 2009

2009-anthologycoverI am EXTREMELY proud to announce that the Poets Cornered Anthology 2009, is now available on Lulu. I have given two poems – Ground Contentment and If Poetry Were A Circus. We have a wealth of talent in our group and many of us have been previously published. Of course, we feel so privileged to meet in Poets Corner where so many of the greats are celebrated and where many spent their time writing poetry (as well as getting drunk and drugged but of course we do not follow their example, oh no, not at all) .

There will be a live performance of the poems sometime towards the end of May (date not announced yet) which is always a fun event with music, poetry and, of course, a plentiful bar courtesy of our host at the Eclipse. A few of us are also going to do some poetry busking during the Brighton Festival on the promenade, which should be, uhm, interesting?

If you want a copy give me a shout (I get discount, heheh). Wow, it feels good to have it finished.

Here is the LULU LINK


5 thoughts on “Poets Cornered Anthology 2009

  1. I bet it does. I know how hard you worked on it. I have ordered my copy and maybe I can get a signed one too, signed by all the poets in case one gets famous? That would be cool.

  2. Damned straight I want a copy. I shouldn’t try to operate online purchasing thingies in my current state of innebriamation though. Congrats.

  3. Paul, I shall definitely send you a signed copy because we are all famous in our own worlds already! haha…

    Brad I would be happy to get a copy and send it to you rather than you go through Lulu. It really is a fantastic book and I don’t know whether it would be possible to find a more diverse bunch of poets so I know there’ll be something in there you will enjoy. Lulu is fantastic – I am so impressed with the service there.

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