Brighton Festival Begins!

And the weather man has promised sunshine! westpier2paviliongarden1I have the megaphone and the wooden step for myself and the Poets Cornered group to busk in front of the West Pier and we have been having whisperings about gatecrashing the Pavilion Gardens before the day is out.

On Sunday there is the free Poetry festival at Hanover (see the Fringe Brochure for details or hit the link below), with open mike, so if enough beer is consumed then I might wander up to the stage there too.

I’ve also dug out the leaflets I handed out last year so there may be a few of them hanging around… oh! and the Eclipsed Anthology will be on sale at the launch price of £3. (What a bargain!)

We have quite a few people already coming along to cheer and encourage us but we need many many more… kids welcome, pets welcome and hecklers welcome (sort of, ha!).

Don’t forget to check out the art houses and many have set up in Beach huts this year, which is always fun. See you there!
Link to Brighton Festival
Link to Brighton Fringe Festival
Link to Hanover Poetry Festival
Artists Open Houses Link

6 thoughts on “Brighton Festival Begins!

  1. Mighty sorry I won’t see you there. I loaned Walking on Chalk to Mum for Mothers Day. Yes…loaned. Does that make me a bad person? There were flowers involved. Can’t wait to see my copy of the Poets Cornered Anthology. Mum is going to have to sign in triplicate for that one.

  2. There you go Paul, haha.

    Brad, I am so chuffed that you liked the book. I have written four chapters of the sequel so far and the story is all set in my head (or so I thought until I started writing it down… always the way). I am drip dripping the signatures onto the Anthology. Poets are a fragile people who only appear for momentary glances or monolithic eras, in which I fall asleep… but I promise I won’t give up.

    Jason it was! I was bought a pink cupcake as celebration afterwards and it proved my guts were still intact, just. 🙂

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