So, I’m working now full time on this collection thingy, as well as working full time on the sequel to WOC, as well as working full time, haha.  My collection will be of poetry, prose and the podcasts available on cd. I’ve dusted off my sketchpad and am doing some doodles/sketches/scratches of some of the poems to be interspersed throughout the book. I want the book to look like my notepads so that there is a proper cross-section of all that this wonderful world of words has opened up to me.

But what shall I call it? Hmmm… I am thinking of doing more busking and when you google ‘poet busker’ this blog comes up top so maybe that’s a goer?And what picture do I put on the front cover? Agh! Decisions, decisions…

pasosketchesAnyway, here’s a little montage of some of the sketches that will be accompanying The Paso Doble poem in my new collection. I want them half-finished.  It’s kind of apt to allow the reader to complete/choose the drawings on this poem; to allow their own wishes to complete the picture, I think.

It doesn’t really matter anyway as I am going to do a book that is completely away from the norm, with personal interjections and worthless witterings. I shall be slammed by the pro’s, I’m sure, but it’s the way I want it to be. I never did like to do things the way I’m supposed to. (Who said that?)

Onward… and onward.


2 thoughts on “Title?

  1. Onward upward and sideways for fun, it sounds fantastic. With a CD is a brilliant idea, your podcasts are magical. You are the top ranked poet busker in the whole world! Everything is going according to the plan without a plan. I will want three copies of this one, one to read, one to seal up and keep untouched forever and one to frame and hang on the wall.

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