I’ve been editing and tweaking the new collection today. It’s looking fabulous. Purists are going to absolutely, completely and utterly hate it… but that’s pretty wonderful in itself.

When I was doing the last one, I put forward a suggestion that there could be different typefaces and I was swiftly shouted down. ‘Messy!’ they shouted. Well, I have been doing it for my own stuff and I can tell you, it may be messy but damn it’s exciting!

Why hadn’t I thought of it before? The FONT you use can convey an immediate emotion to the words! Not just bold and italic, but there really are sexy fonts, funny fonts, earthy fonts and direct to the point fonts, personal touch fonts, insanity fonts. It is one more shade to a tone of voice and the effects are sometimes dazzling. I am seeing my own poetry in a different light as I play and twiddle with the different typefaces.

Okay, so I accept that I have a broader imagination than most and maybe not everyone will see it the way I see it, and maybe many will just look at it and say ‘messy!’ but hell, I really don’t give a damn, maddam.  If I just tweak one braincell into reading the poem the way I meant it to be read, then my job will be done.

I am so ridiculously excited about this revelation, you would not believe.

Back to it, I suppose…just thought I’d mention ‘n’ all.

One thought on “Type(of)Face

  1. Cool, font play. It is one of the Rules. Everything must be in the same font and that is reason enough to make everything different fonts. It does change the feel of the words. I would say something about tiny white letters on a black background giving a kind of squinty, spiderweb in a dark room feel, but I better not. I can’t wait for your next collection, with all the innovations, the illustrations, the CD, the fonts, it will be spectacularly fantabulously excellent.

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