The Jazz Cafe, 20/6/09

wineflowerI must admit that it was with some trepidation that I accepted an invitation to the above. I am well known for my phobia of enclosed spaces with ‘arty’ people but once more into the breach dear friends and all that…

It was incredible. Once I let myself become a part of the evening, I was completely taken over by its charm and gentle indulgence.

Within the comfortable surroundings of her home, Magdalena Reising was delightful on the harp with her sultry tones. She then introduced
Christopher Page who was utterly moving with his skill on the Bechstein and his own soothing compositions, and I have to admit Stewart Barlow actually made this ice maiden go a little dewy eyed with the sheer power and belief in his voice.

I think nights such as these are what I have been searching for over the past few years… a collection of artists who share for the sole purpose of entertaining and because of their own love of their art. I know many disagree (purists, intellectuals, contemporary foot stomping artistes who believe that some message must always be conveyed, should take note… joy is a most wonderful message) but I shall stick my fingers in my ears and ignore them.

I urge anyone to go to future gigs of this ilk in the Brighton/Hove area. We live in such an amazing city where people and events like this are so integral to what makes it so special.

2 thoughts on “The Jazz Cafe, 20/6/09

  1. If I had said ‘once more into the breech’ it would have been adding a moistening of irony but then it may also have me dismissed as a messy speller… gosh, language is a wonderful joke sometimes.

    Sometimes, I just wish more people got my jokes. Ha!

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