By special request…

This is a call out for anyone who has a few moments to spare to please write a review of my writing in general, whether it be the book, my short stories or my poetry. It does not need to be an ultra clever literary overview but more how my writing reached you as a reader. It is for a very special reason, which I shall keep quiet for now and is rather critical to me being able to take the next step in my much dreamed about career of being a writer. If you want an overview of the things I do, there are my podcasts, the first chapter of the book, short stories and poetry, all with links on this page. I promise you this is not an ego-stroking exercise but very much a means to an end. Thank you, in anticipation… (closing my eyes and keeping my fingers crossed)

Now, how brave am I not even to mention a bribe? haha…

*Adding this in the afternoon because you guys have blown me away with your response… thank you, thank you so much.

16 thoughts on “By special request…

  1. After a life time of being a total cynic towards poetry and especially the stereotypical poet i’m so pleased to announce that you, via all your podcasts and other writings such as Jerry Springer Moment, have succeeded in changing my attitude towards this genre of writing and in effect opened my eyes to a brand new hobbie and passion. I’m so pleased to read about your optimism for the future, you deserve the best!

  2. While blog land these days seems to be littered with poetry of all manner of standards, your work Kiersty is one that I hold in high regard. When I first started out, I would search the internet high and low looking for inspiration, but I found myself coming back to a select few sites, and yours was one of them. Whatever the next steps are in your career that you dare to take, I for one will be watching with interest, and now, with generous amounts of intrugue!

  3. Every once in a while, I find a writer who does not write words that I read, but instead, creates images in my mind. I walk with the characters, see their faces, hear the fearful pause in their voices, want to hold them while they dance. You are one of those writers and I read everything of yours that I can. If you wrote a script, I’m not sure a director could improve on it with images.

  4. Kiersty Boon’s writing is vivid and alive. It represents all that is good about contemporary writing and demonstrates that particular fusion of intelligence and emotion which characterises the best of modern literature. Clever craft combined with a genuine warmth and honesty give the writing real immediacy and power. Witty, courageous and with genuine depth and clarity, this is the kind of writing that can be enjoyed by everyone and should be applauded by all. Her first novel, “Walking With Chalk” was released to unanimous acclaim and the sequel, which we hear is in the works, is eagerly anticipated by her dedicated and ever-growing following. Her first volume of poetry, due to be released later this year also promises to be a breakthrough collection. Clearly at the forefront of contemporary English poets and authors, Kiersty Boon’s work will resonate for years to come. Now is the time to celebrate the arrival of this entertaining, honest and immensely skillful new voice in contemporary literature.

  5. In today’s world, it seems everyone has the capacity to create. Everyone has a book to write, a painting to do, a song to sing, but it all begins to meld into one blur of mediocrity. Everyone, it seems, is “very talented”. It is an extremely rare gift to stand out from the crowd. I’ve read Kiersty Boon’s writing for several years and the rare gift is hers. Why she has the spark that gives her work an extra dimension is a question I quit trying to answer long ago and have simply become a fan. Each time I pick up a piece of her writing it is literally a piece of her that will far outshine any expectations I may have. Kiersty sees the world more clearly, more cleverly than her contemporaries and is able to capture her vision in words. Every generation hopes to find some few who are special, and I am one of a growing number of fans who read Kiersty’s work knowing her writing reaches the farthest heights of this generation

  6. Kiersty’s poetry and short story writing is marvellous and compelling. I have been stunned by the depth and inspired by the sensitivity that is consistently Kiersty. Kiersty’s first novel, Walking on Chalk, is an intelligent tale of romance that begs the reader to anticipate a sequel. In sum – Kiersty will shape the hearts that shape the minds of generations here and yet to come.

  7. I have watched Kizz write and rewrite and rewrite, then rewrite again. Each time it gets better. The first writing held my interest totally as chapters came every other day or so.
    Each rewrite added to the pictures created, and brought the characters more into focus.
    Thank you Kizz for this lesson in writing.

  8. Kiersty has been a breath of fresh air in my experience of poetry. She combines subtle cadence with the “spoken word” art form combining poetry and music to great effect. Her poetry stands alone without this and she should be proud.

  9. Reflections on everyday urban life get a novel twist with background music which adds atmosphere (Kiersty’s videos) and your poetry is cool!

  10. I just think she’s a brilliant writer. I cried at the end of the book and am desperate to know what happens in the sequel. Like some saddo I could totally imagine myself doing and saying the things Kate did. I got Ern too. I want to know what happened next. I hadn’t listenefd to any poetry before but I think it’s cool.

  11. I’m not a reader – I rarely pick up a book and have not read poetry since school. I came across one of Kiersty’s videos on youtube purely by chance and was transfixed by the washing going round and round. Then I was sitting on that bus watching the streets and people go by. The mood and observation portrayed in voice and music is hypnotising. Having done some research I picked up her novel thinking ‘I’ll give this a go’ – I couldn’t put it down and like others who have replied – can’t wait for the sequel. Who’d have thought that reading would be my new hobby!

  12. I first came across Kiersty’s writing via the Writer’s Cafe website a few years ago. I was struck instantly by her ability to allow accounts of what might be considered almost mundane by some, such as moving home or watching an old factory chimney being razed to the ground, to sparkle and leap off the page at you. She has a wonderful writing style that seems to capture the reader, grip them and then leave them feeling refreshed and eager for more. There is a rare ‘feel good’ factor in what she writes that I haven’t found in any other writer. I don’t believe there’s anything I’ve read of hers that I haven’t enjoyed and I was thrilled to find out that she’d been published. I suspect that if she gets the breaks she deserves she will go far. She was probably the most talented writer I’d had the fortune of discovering on the Writer’s Cafe and I wish her every success. Top bird!

  13. I have found kiersty’s writing to have a quality of a person who possesses an acute power of observation; which she mixes with attention and diction to create rhythmic literary pleasure and therefore enhance the written word for her readers.
    Kiersty uses a variety of genre’s to express meaning and emotion to her readers.
    I mainly know the work of kiersty through the art of creating poetry. She is able to translate her original ideas into a literary composition that is given intensity by involving rhythm and detailed imagery. There is often a gentle form which laces through her work and a quality of beauty. Her use of imagination to create original ideas is perhaps her most outstanding ability which enables her to create something exceptional.
    Kiersty is 100% a writer. Her enthusiasm for getting her thoughts and feeling across is paramount; her intense enjoyment and interest in conveying a certain kind of elegance threads throughout the written word and is always present in her work.

    Diana Ward-Davis

  14. Kiersty you are the Lady in the Moon, ,looking down on earthly life, then beaming back, through your written works, observations and brilliant insights of your musing. You are and will always be a Lady in the Moon writer. Go for it gal, shine your light on the blessed readers.

  15. You once said that something I’d written was ‘perfect and professional’. I always found the same was true about everything of yours, inspiring me to strive for those standards. My comments mostly came in the form of praise, as making suggestions often seemed redundant, and it comes as no surprise to me that you’re making a success of your writing. It was always professional masquerading as amateur. Thanks Kizz.

  16. Kiersty Boon’s fiction speaks to the reader in a dazzling style, filling one with a sense of beauty and promise on the verge of a new day. Her rich imagination conjures the inner worlds of her characters and their surroundings, bringing them and their story to life with the magic in the world. Boon has a gift for telling the unspoken haunting loneliness that exists within each and every one of us, for capturing the essence of what it means to be alive, to feel and be human. Her novel Walking on Chalk is a carefully crafted love story and yet simultaneously carefree. It is a place where the characters embark on inner adventures of the self, daring us to dream, and could be any one of us. Boon does not just write but paints with words and her writing is nothing short of magical and inspiring.

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