Tomorrow, as long as the sun is shining, I shall be going along into central Brighton todaliheart do some busking. I have a ‘set list’ but to be honest I’ve done that before and it really has to go out the window depending on who’s listening to you. I’ve been asked to do a reading from ‘Walking On Chalk’ at the Stoneham Park Festival on the 18th and damn! that is going to be scary. Which bit do I choose? I’d quite like to choose the bedroom scene because it still makes me laugh but maybe I should choose one of the vignettes of other characters? And while all that was going around in my head I realised that I don’t have a single copy of WOC in my possession! I must try and blag a few from somewhere so that I can pimp it as I go. The reviews I have received so far have been fabulous… thank you x … and they will all be printed off along with the others I have by email and be put to very good use.

But also this is a call out to any Brighton guitarist/saxophonist/clarinettist or whateverist who would like to take a leap in the dark and try some improv with me whilst busking. I have an event coming up in a few months and it would be wonderful to have a live musician rather than my pre-recorded tape (although obviously some practice would be required for that). He/She must have a fabulous sense of humour and be partial to copious amounts of over excitement.

The sun is shining big time! YAY!

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