4 thoughts on “All in a day’s work… another page

  1. Tricklin thru… it seems like such a slow process but I am determined to make it *exciting*… that means I have to keep surprising myself as I go along and complete each tiny step. Is that quite sane I wonder?

  2. I’m not sure sane is a prerequisite for making art as wonderful as this. Sane is vastly overrated. I remember this one from The Orchid Room experiments, it is fantastical. I think I shall tweet it.

  3. Having watched this book grow through all its stages, I am so excited to finally be close to seeing it in print. It is extraordinary. It is unique, beautiful, funny; a masterpiece of talent and vision. Kiersty is blessed with an understanding of people, born of an enquiring mind and with the tallent to transform the idea into words and illustrations.

    Don’t miss it. It will be the book you pick up again and again and find something new in its pages each time you open it.

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