T-shirt? Book Cover? Just a bit of fun?


Oh dear, it has been such a busy time and right in the middle of it, my computer went KABOOM!!!! Luckily my trusty friend rebuilt me a machine out of bits of mine and bits of his, so all the work was saved and I am now back up and running, crawling, fairystepping towards all those impossible deadlines I set myself.

The collection is now coming together as a 102 page book, with illustrations and lots of quirky bits for those who find the poetry boring (ha!) and with a bit of luck and a following wind (as my grandmother always says), it should be finished by the end of the week.

I ‘m not sure I’ve ever worked on anything so hard before – total tunnel vision – but it was necessary so that I can draw a line under it and then crack on with the sequel to Walking On Chalk! I promise to catch up with you all and that great big backlog of mails and mailings I am supposed to be doing… but please be patient with me. I think I’ve lost my knack of multitasking lately but I promise you it is not forgotten.

Kiersty x

4 thoughts on “T-shirt? Book Cover? Just a bit of fun?

  1. that would be an awesome t-shirt, and i would totally want to talk to whoever was wearing it. however, if it was a lady it would require extensive time looking at her chest area which might require a slap, so the t-shirt could be a double-edged sword.

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