Thank you so much to all that turned up last night. It was so exciting to see all but one chair with a bum on it… I mean, not that you’re bums… you are the most *wonderful* people, truly, for the *wonderful* response you gave me. Thank you so much.  I sold a fair few books so I hope, hope that you enjoy it and that you will *pssst* tell all your friends!

It looks like there will be another performance in the offing soon, so hopefully I will get used to putting myself in the spotlight. It’s weird how I feel more pressure with people who have actually ‘chosen’ to be there rather than me accosting them in the Pavilion Gardens or down on the beach with my poetry.

One of the nicest comments was from a couple who said they had been to many poetry performances before but they enjoyed ‘actually effortlessly understanding what was being read’ and that ‘the music really added to it… made it come alive.’ Another said that she ‘loved the way it all went quiet and restful before lifting up again into something exhilerating’. That is what I have always wanted to be about – entertaining. That’s all.

‘My Jerry Springer Moment’ seemed to be a favourite (even the rest of the pub seemed to go quiet when I was reading about cod whiffy crotches and strange uses for a cheese grater) so I shall get the podcast together for that one by the end of the week. Roger did a wonderful job on Phantasma and I hope that he will consider appearing with me again – it sounded fantastic!

Damn, I am so happy. Even with the sore head I have from the post party celebrations, I am so happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kiersty x

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