horseplayOn the last Tuesday of each month, the Sanctuary bar plays host to the Horseplay team. I’d only been once before but this time I was determined to put my name down for the open mike to try and knock these stagefright wobbles on the head.
I am now addicted to Horseplay. Their clever billing of music alternating with poetry ‘acts’, with open mike between each performer is wonderful for keeping the night alive and interesting. I was second up to the mike and delivered Launderette (without forgetting my words, yay!) and although my voice was a little shaky, the response was brilliant, with titters at the beginning, a few nods of the head in the middle and generous applause when I’d finished. Note to self: hold the mike next time. Ashley French is a wonderful performance poet – his turn on stage was filled with laughter, amazement and he held each person captivated by his words. It was brilliant that he read his last poem over a musical track as it showed me that it can be accepted – and respected – by an audience.
For £4, I was thoroughly entertained and a little bit envious of the people who had been enjoying the night down there without having to worry about running home for the babysitter. This meant that I missed the poet who had come all the way from Oxford, but it is something I will try to sort out next month.
Brighton poetry is banging. Love it.


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