Poetry to music

I started doing it 9 months ago (click on this link for the podcasts but hey, carry on reading first?). At the time I had only really heard poets shouting *over* music and I wanted it to be a duet. It seems more and more are thinking on similar lines, which is good to see and will hopefully expand the audience.

I cannot tell you the months I have searched for THE particular PERFECT piece of music, contacting the artist and waiting with bated breath for their permission to use their work. All but one reacted with a ‘Go for it!’ and have been pleased with the results.

Working with live musicians is going to change the feel of the performance but is something that is certainly a necessary progression although with the intention of using AV at my next gig, perhaps already superceded.

Whatever, I’m going with the flow and 9 months on I can honestly say I am enjoying it as much as I did that first time I had the thrill of hearing the music and my poem work in unison.

If  I have any wish about the genre, it is that it is not hijacked by slam poets using it as an excuse to shout louder. It’s got to be about engaging an audience that wouldn’t have otherwise listened, as well as the purists with an open mind.

The next step? A cd. With the amount of people who have downloaded my podcasts for free I kind of feel it would be nice now to tweak each one, add a few more and put it out there in some kind of polished format.

And then? And then I tackle the videos with a little more surety.

I like lists.

Kiersty x

3 thoughts on “Poetry to music

  1. With yours, it’s all about the timing – the way it dips and shoots right back up to the ceiling is fantastic. Still waiting for my t. Huh? 😉

  2. A CD is a brilliant idea. There’s a point where you have to stop giving everything away. Your podcasts set a benchmark, a standard everyone has to struggle to reach and that is because of two things. The amount of work and attention to detail you put in them and the fact that you are so amazingly wonderful.

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