Again, again!

I had a brilliant time at Horseplay last week. My performance was really well received (even shutting up the chatterbox at the back for the duration) and I feel now that I can hone it into a more ambitious set list with extra confidence for next time. Oh and the next time is just in a couple of weeks at ‘Rapunzel Goes Down’, which I shall tell you more about … uhmmm … when I know more! Life is so so busy (hence my quietness) but I am still bursting with things I want to do. Next up is a podcast for The Egotist, which should be fun. I may go with some booboopdeboop for that one. Hmmmm. (And yes, yes, I am writing the sequel. There are three chapters tied down and the story is evolving in my mind more and more, with twists and turns. I am still undecided about a happy ending. I may need to be plied with sweet things and promises to make that happen.)

Kiersty x

3 thoughts on “Again, again!

  1. I like happy endings. I will stockpile some sweet things and promises ready for when you get to the last few chapters. It is amazing how much you achieve so quickly in your writing career given all the other responsibilities you have as well. You are living proof that determination, passion and most of all incredible skill and wonderful writing can achieve miracles.

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