The words escape me…

(but thanks to the ConArtists, they’re on their way home. This is the twenty minute exercise from today.)


I predict nothing.

I know that any prediction I may propose will be
gazumped by the she-devil snigger of Lady Luck.

I’ll put one foot forward, head held high, a determined stride,
Decided by long thought pros and cons, my self-deceit of self-control.

There’s that ringing in my ear, that delicate thought from him to me,
My mind in his, his heart in mine, one thought meeting in unworldly synchronicity –

An imagined kiss that flutters alive a childlike wish
that magic is not smothered by my grown-up sense of the ridiculous.

I predict that my life will dip and roll from irony to fate,
A coin flipped by sweet Kismet’s slight of hand,

Fortune delivered before it hits the ground –
Heads or tails tricked by the spin, defying mortal plans.

I predict it all.


If anyone would like to join us at the next ConArtists meet then please comment or email me. It’s a wonderful, lively group, with occasional cookies!

4 thoughts on “The words escape me…

  1. Thanks Paul, I wondered whether it should be sleight of hand but I wanted to get the image of delicacy rather than purpose. Hmmm, still not sure. But I like it.

  2. I love this for a few reasons Kiersty, but mostly because it seems to have been written for me (or at me!). Yes I know that is completely egotistical, but that’s ok with me. 😉

  3. I like this very much indeed!! I can see so much of myself through your words. I’ve felt both sides of the spinning coin – sometimes falling away from me, sometimes falling in my favour… your words swirl in wonderful random patterns…

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