Tiddly Om

This vocalised expressionism
which is our power to wield,
is a gentle language terrorism
that I urge you all to join, enjoy,
for is there a greater word than

You can keep your dirge of miserable words
like blight and spite, flab and mundane,
d r u d – g erous depress- i n g sounds
with elongated vowels complexly knitted
with, I’m told, proper conson-aunties,
that abide by now defunct vocabularies.

‘I before e except after c’ is weirdly
reined in from a scientific height
of pompomposity of p’s and q’s,
which pick and quiver about correctness,
a confabulation behind closed doors
which concurs that Oxford knows best.

Slangified slurs of the young tongues’
made up, mashed out verse,
like innit and bleuh, peng and butters,
results in many a moan and mutter
from the all mighty, all knowing,
self-elected literati.

(But, as an aside,
if you are inclined
to make a new word
for your memyownself,
spare a thought for poor ‘V’ –
so very lonely
as the only letter with
one single entry
which it is allowed to end
– poor spiv.)

Now some scholars may
get quite upstropulous,
if you bling up their
well thumbed thesauruses
with colloquialised
conjured up meaning

but hark, gramercy, dear old Will,
for Shakespeare durst fainly
methinks with delicious intention
to invent a rhythm, joy and sound
by the oddly intervention of a
huggermugger, cap-a-pie and ZOUNDS!

But I tangenate
from the matter in mind,
my message to you,
written in sane hand,
is that happy words, fluffy diction,
utterly inaccurate ill-fitted-iteration,

may make your day
pom-bob-bubbling along quite nicely,
with loquacious idioms
of our amazing A to Zee.

3 thoughts on “Tiddly Om

  1. Pom pom is a lovely word, and this poem is a joy in all its voluptuous verbiage and narnie-nounisms. You have a found a whole new level in your work that is exciting and vibrant, alive, new and real.

  2. Impossible not to luv this pom-pom poem, Kiersty. Pom-poms can also double as bass lines if the p’s are put in the back seat.

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