A wonderful review!

My good friend Wulfy has given the Poet Busker a fantastic review here – Wulfy’s review and it would seem that I have inspired him to get moving on his own, yay! I expect a signed copy Wulfy, haha.

I was also pleased to see that Poet Busker has been put on Amazon.com (Press that link for direct page – right click to open it in a new window), although unfortunately it is only the .com and not the .co.uk so I’m not sure how I go about that. Hey ho, onward and upward!

2 thoughts on “A wonderful review!

  1. I have read my copy backwards forwards and everyway. It is the perfect dipping into book. Every piece is a small adventure, and the book itself is a living work of art. Everyone should own a copy.

  2. You’re welcome Narnie. I’m just glad you appreciated the review. You’re also lucky i liked it as i was determined not to give an arselicking review just because youre a friend, but only if it was any good. And it was. Hope the sales increase!

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