New CD

I’ve been working for months on compiling a cd of my poems as it seems to be a continuous request from people at gigs and suchlike. Finally, I have 18 poems on one disc with the sound and overall performance a little more slick.

I’m hoping to have them ready for the Brighton Festival on 1st May. At the moment, it would seem that I will be able to sell each copy for £2!! which I think is very exciting.

Press here to hear one of the new tracks. Oh and don’t forget to place your order!! £2!!! Sheesh, not even the cost of a pint! Gowon, gowon, you know you want to.

4 thoughts on “New CD

  1. Fantastic news. I’ll be getting some myself and will post a note on my blog and later do a review.

    I’ve been a bit too into my novel and this election (im not saying anything) but this CD idea is great!

  2. Kiersty – this CD is fantastic. A whole range of different emotions. Gypsy moved me to tears. Jerry Springer always makes me laugh. Brilliant. Thank you.

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