The CD is now available for purchase! And despite much swearing and pressing the wrong key and trying again… and again… I have finally managed to get a paypal button on this site so that I can minimise postage costs.

Click on the PayPal button below and enter

£4.85 for INTERNATIONAL Postage (£3 + £1.85)
£4.00 for UK Postage (£3 + £1.00)

or why not save some money and buy both the book and the cd from here:

£8.35 Poet Busker Book and CD Package for Intnl Postage
£7.50 Poet Busker Book and CD Package for UK Postage

You will be asked for your address for me to post it to and I absolutely guarantee that every order will get at least one postcard slipped into the envelope. If you’d like it signed, give me a shout on this page. Continue Reading – WebDesign499

PLEASE NOTE: This will take you to the PayPal Official Website, so right-click to open in a new window.

The CD has 18 poems, 17 of which are to music. The playlist is as follows:

Other important stuff:

– It is necessary to have a paypal account to use this button.

– Full refund/replacement given if the product does not reach you in perfect condition.

– If you would like it signed or sent to a different address to your paypal address, pop a comment here (your email details will not be shown) and I will contact you directly.

– If you would like to purchase any other products (e.g. Walking On Chalk, or postcard packs) either on their own or in addition, please contact me (via a comment here) for a price.

3 thoughts on “CD

  1. I would like a signed copy please. And I can vouch that all the buttons work perfectly. I can’t wait for my copy. Having heard all the tracks already, I know how brilliantly wonderful it is.

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  3. I can attest to the awesomeness of this CD!

    And thank you Kiersty for sending over the pond along with the postcards (i’m still feeling horrible for not thanking you right away).

    Seriously, though. I listen to this CD very often. It is great quality and of course, the poetry is superb. Everyone should purchase this….
    and her books…

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