If I could offer a song to Solomon,
would it too be bastardised by
convenient morality?

I can invent colour,
orchestrate silence into symphonies
but touch is always out of reach.

Imaginations of milk, honey,
are an erotic injustice for
the absolute purity of reality.

This poetic lyric lies bare,
as this pen can only fantasise
with an ellipsis…

6 thoughts on “Verse(s)

  1. Hi. I’ve gotten into the habit of looking at the poem next to me when I put a poem on my blog. So…
    I read your poem. It’s very nice. I like the idea of ending with the word ellipsis.
    And it’s interesting that we have both written a poem about poems, is it not?
    Anyway–Hello from New York!

  2. This is wonderful Kiersty!!

    Your words are beautiful and measured, infusing the poem with a lovely elegance.

    The ellipsis is my absolute favourite grammatical construction (I use them all the time … perhaps too much in fact!). 🙂

  3. i read it over and over, and it is more intriguing each time, i cant say i understand, but feel a delicate and beautiful range of tone. and so i go back and read it again. wonderful! (i suppose that is an ellipsis too, in this readers experience of it?)

  4. Thank you so much everyone. I am really proud of this one so I shall break an age old rule and explain my thought process. I came across the Songs of Solomon when I was researching for a different poem and I just went wow, wow, wow! How such explicit erotica got into the bible is quite wonderful for an old heathen like me but then when I found that it had been interpreted by different religions in different ways, I started thinking ‘well, if you can be that obtuse and still have it slanted by other people’s comfort zones then what the hell hope do we have?’ Then that led onto the thought of ‘what is the one ingredient that is missing from those poems?’ and it is the undeniable touch. Because they were not feeling the touch themselves it left them open to see it how they wanted it. If such explicit prose cannot stand on it’s own without interpretation then I might as well just … let the reader (and the poet) fly with the thought to enhance with their own experiences in life.
    And while I was going through all of that reading and thought, I learnt about the Shulamite. What an inspiration. A black woman who was not a virgin being given a blessing by God to be with the man she loved. How flippin wonderful is that. The Shulamite might well appear in a poem very soon. It restored my faith a little. Not in God… but in mankind, haha.
    Thank you so much everyone. x

  5. i guess you meant Song of Songs – and if not than yes there is a lot of erotic stuff in the old things. they were not so stupid like the new religion, i guess. they were more open to life and its beauties, and also, more delicate – not just vulgar to be cool

    nice to read your thoughts

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