4 thoughts on “I like the dotty ones…

  1. Just wonderful … I’ve read this through several times and each time find that I discover something new, and uncover a different emotional level.

    This is in part sweet, funny, sad and beautiful.

    The thing about radios and cars is that we decide when to turn them off or take the foot of the accelerator.

    I love this Kiersty.

  2. touches my heart, the colors, the music, and the blue buffalo and laughing hyena makes me smile. the graphics are wonderful too, notes, italics, bolds.
    its a wonderful visual treat as well. excellence in all ways.

  3. An antihaiku! Yes I think that’s what this is, Kiersty. Perfect pivot in the middle comes to a full stop and then accelarates outward and inward all at once. Three cheers!

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