Further to incessant nagging, I mean, popular demand… I have posted the mp3 file of my opener to the last open mic night (Halloween Special) I run in Poets Corner Hove. It was a lot easier to do in killer heels, white make up and a witch’s hat but then that’s showbiz, dahhling…

If anyone wants to come to the next one, it is on the 26th November at 8pm. Entry’s only £2 and there’s always something sweet to nibble on (chocs or sweets, of course). The open mic night website can be found here and will be updated with doodles from the night by the end of the weekend.

You can listen to the podcast here (the people mentioned are all regulars on the night… and I had full consent of my lovely mum, haha)

2 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Haha – this is SO fabulous Kiersty! I loved listening to every minute of it!!

    You make Poet’s Corner sound like a terrifyingly tough, and fascinating place … as of course it would be.

    Your ‘antica … pation’ was perfect, and your voice is ‘intoxi … cating’.


  2. Certainly an eye opener to have seen the process involved Kiersty. Such an incredible amount of work you put into this and the result is a winner and a big whoop! whoop! from me.

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