3 thoughts on “Serving Suggestion

  1. Ha! and it opens up just like a neat package,
    and the chocolate covered peanuts spill out
    and they look so good, but then one has to stop and consider
    substituting chocolate raisins instead, even with no nut allergy, cuz of how good they taste

  2. But you see, I can’t abide raisins. It’s a constant bug bear. But then, I don’t have a nut allergy. But then, maybe that’s just me being overly practical. 🙂
    This was a dark thought Kathi… it just seemed to revert well to an analogy concerning chocolate. I’m going to try praline next.

  3. It’s a puzzle in a chocolate box! Not sure what analogy you had in mind but my mind is enjoying fiddling with the possibaubles!

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