5 thoughts on “Plodding

  1. Kinda loving the way you can control the snow with your mouse on this snowing widget… makes the doleful message have a spark of fun, mebbe? Or maybe I’m clutching at straws, ha!

  2. the snow is great! love it!

    and oh my, i can relate ha ha.
    wonderful thoughts kiersty, and imparted uncompromisingly yet subtly, it
    really hit home. and the whole thing, the photo, splendid and perfect xxx

  3. Thank you Kathi… I use the photos on the blog as prompts of what I want to achieve when I do drawings for the poems. Otherwise, scatterbrain that I am, I’ll go off ona tangent and draw something that wasn’t with the original thought. Hmmmmm… maybe I should though? I like the snow too. 🙂

  4. The direction and placement of those footprints! brilliant. They turn the mind back up through the poem from the plodding to the disengagement to the disappointment. and it is not a disappointing result 🙂

  5. I’m enjoying these experiments of yours with photography and typography. I suppose I react to them as art as well as mini-poems. This one is particularly beautiful – it would look great on the wall, decently framed, and would provide something to think about at the same time.

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