Merry Christmas!!

Having been given the day off (woohoo!), I decided to use my day wisely(!) and play, I mean, design some Christmas Postcards to send out to my friends. If you’d like one, drop me an email or just grab it from here as a special Merry Xmas from me to you. (Sorry, this probably doesn’t translate too well to non-UK chocaholics but not much rhymes with Hershey’s? Or do you know different, haha) Right-Click on the images to make them larger and have a read 🙂

Oh and am I allowed a blatant advertisement? If you would like a super duper cheap but unique stocking filler (oh go on oh go on) then here are all the details of my cd (£3) or cd/book package. I’ll make sure they are despatched in plenty of time for Christmas (insert cheesey grin and puppy dog eyes here 🙂 )

The CD is now available for purchase! And despite much swearing and pressing the wrong key and trying again… and again… I have finally managed to get a paypal button on this site so that I can minimise postage costs.

Click on the PayPal button below and enter

£4.85 for INTERNATIONAL Postage (£3 + £1.85)
£4.00 for UK Postage (£3 + £1.00)

or why not save some money or loan money from this website. Click this link and learn more

£8.35 Poet Busker Book and CD Package for Intnl Postage
£7.50 Poet Busker Book and CD Package for UK Postage

You will be asked for your address for me to post it to and I absolutely guarantee that every order will get at least one postcard slipped into the envelope. If you’d like it signed, give me a shout on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: This paypal button will take you to the PayPal Official Website, so right-click on it to open in a new window, without losing this screen.

The CD has 18 poems, 17 of which are to music. The playlist is as follows:

Other important stuff:

– It is necessary to have a paypal account to use this button but they’re free and totally secure (I’ve used it for many years).

– Full refund/replacement given if the product does not reach you in perfect condition.

– If you would like it signed or sent to a different address to your paypal address, pop a comment here (your email details will not be shown) and I will contact you directly.

– If you would like to purchase any other products (e.g. Walking On Chalk, or postcard packs) either on their own or in addition, please contact me (via a comment here) for a price.

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!

  1. Thank you Brad 🙂 It’s just told me this is my hundredth post. I’m glad it was a Christmassy one. Maybe I should just have a little green triangle to celebrate…

  2. Thank you, love it. I would argue the deliciousness of the triangle against the what-used-to-be-a-brazil-nut purple one. I found and scoffed all of them at your open mic night incidentally, but then I imagine you scoffed the green triangle before anyone got there. Good for you. They didn’t deserve them. p.s. Love the snow.

  3. Thank you Page 🙂 I actually took all the green triangles out and hid them in my jewellery box before I went out. Haha. No, I am that sad, it’s completely true.

    Thank you, cal… If you like orange cremes then, well, tsk, there’s no hope. :S

  4. I would like you to know, that every single year we buy these tins in Canada and every single year I single handedly eat the whole thing and the feel sick for hours. It is one of the few pleasures of the season and I agree with you about the green triangles, they are delish, but that coconut number really appeals to the belly too. Also, I LOVE this card, I love green and this card is beautiful kiersty. 🙂

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