6 thoughts on “No, I don’t normally

  1. Hi there, Narnie!
    My eyes feel exercised, and my inner ears are humming along to
    The Crystals, David Bowie, and Joe Walsh. (The Bee Gees started a joke?)
    Altogether, very interesting. I like your little play on the script!

    Btw, Kiersty, my daughter’s name is Kirstie. How funny! 🙂
    Nice to meet you! Thank you again for the visit and the offer! UT

  2. it would be a wonderful lyric to a rock blues song in 4/4 beat w/ a little syncopation. could be rapped too, ha ha, very cool
    love the graphics too!

  3. Fantastic – like Tipota I feel and hear the musicality of this piece.
    I really love the typographic shifts throughout and at the mid-way point.

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