8 thoughts on “The Youth of Love

  1. Another beautiful and yet heart-aching (and breaking) addition to your portfolio of wonderful poems.

    You have me thinking of living within a moment, forgetting the complications which can sometimes hold us back – allowing ourselves to give in completely.

  2. Thank you cal 🙂
    Tracey… living in the past or the future is so fruitless because the present can just shoot you by. Thank you so much.
    Mark… I do cute? hahaha, thank you.


    And let us know
    We’ll never be old
    That’s what is singing
    The whistle of the piper
    All along the graveyards
    Of suburban photographs
    While stars are shining
    Behind his foot
    Like sparkling pearls
    On top of a sword

  4. This was captivating kiersty. It makes me feel all sorts of lonely too but a good lonely for what could have been. This is soul poetry and that is innate and can’t be taught. 🙂

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