6 thoughts on “Lull-a-bye

  1. I really like this poem, the question in the middle is fantastic. It is all really poetic, And I do not know if you notice but you also play with the word lullaby, asi I do in my blog, I love that world.

  2. Well Kiersty, if there is one thing I can spot a mile away, it’s a prick but I must laud you on your brilliant placement of the word prick and such is your expertise that the result of reading this resulted in much coffee spray on my craptop screen! LOLOL Thank you for a much needed laugh and smile. I also love the contrasting moods between the first and last stanzas and how that one question in the middle is the perfect referee for this sort of opposition.

  3. the vast dimension rolls out and back to the tiniest detail (ha ha the p word)
    no not just that, but an entire solar system contained in the line about newness. the philosophy of seeing as opposed to knowing, means that everything is always new. and that seems to be the message to the old friend.
    delicate and yet very powerful and resonant. unforgettable.

  4. mariana – lullaby is a lovely word and encapsulates everything it is within its letters. Perfectly perfect.
    Val – haha, I always have my computer screen wipes at the ready. Thank you 🙂
    Cal – wine? 😛
    Tipota – everything is always new if you let it be, it’s true. ((((Thank you)))

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