10 thoughts on “Valentine No.1

  1. I don’t think that a strange, male, married reader ought to comment on this intimate and sensual verse! Not even a regular reader. I’ll just say that you’ve drawn the heart very well!

  2. This is an erotic teaser of a poem and so hot it could melt chocolate hearts. I love your idea to post a romantic poem a day in the spirit of number 14. 🙂

  3. A poem a day for 14 days? Knowing how much you crave perfection that is a big ask. The first one here? Perfect. Hope it’s not all going to be so romantic…a good dose of cynacism to even it out?

  4. Thank you everyone! Agh! I don’t know whether I can do this 14 day thing but I’ll give it my best shot. The next one might be a tinsy bit cynical – just for you, Cal. 🙂

  5. As I have read from 5 to 1 in that order I must say this is the poem I love most. Perhaps John it is only women who continue to feel the love and the energy of their partner even though they may be apart. Fantasy is a lovely thing.

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