Valentine No.2


(the podcast is here)

I am the ex wife you loathed,

My story unique with

Countless other dear hearts,

Numb and relearned.


We are past lovers who hurt us,

Mad passion spanked by a lie

Or a momentary spark of fear,

That left us   questioning us.


You are the friend who lost touch,

Rose tinted memories crushed

In faded albums, rarely seen,

Barely considered, cherished.


I am your aunt, my funeral

Finding you unsure how to feel,

Until I remind you as I’m released to

Nina Simone singing ‘Birds flying high’.


We are the nemeses who

Never greet or pass time,

Because of that Tuesday,

Four months ago, no surrender.


And we met for the first time today,

Will fall in love, soon enough, perhaps,

Only being who

We are, together.


6 thoughts on “Valentine No.2

  1. No-one much mentions this one of mine but I have to admit, it is one of my favourites… just because it fits. I hope it gets a fan soon. 🙂

  2. oh i am a big fan, it goes straight to the heart. remarkable. vivid. it is deeply moving. and i love the image too. wonderful idea for a series kiersty!

  3. This would definitely be a favourite of mine – it’s really wonderful Kiersty!
    As ever, listening to the podcast adds new dimensions.

    I’m actually seeing so much more in your words when I read this poem in different directions … it’s incredible what can be discovered from reading up instead of down … fascinating! 🙂

  4. Yay! Thank you Tipota and Tracey 🙂 Hopefully it will gets some more fans as it rolls along. It was triggered by a guy saying to me ‘I hate my ex wife’ and I thought, ‘I’m someone’s ex wife. Kinda weird that we are all something to someone but meeting someone new… well, a fresh page.

  5. This must touch every one somewhere. For me ‘I am your aunt, my funeral
    Finding you unsure how to feel’ sent me into tears of bittersweet rememberance.


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