8 thoughts on “Valentine No.3

  1. ‘plethora of tat’ ha ha ha ha. the rhythm builds in colorful beats, then the ending like a cymbal crash, but muted ha ha, wonderful. this is great! another valentine dimension!

  2. Oh, I like that nice hard kick in the arse of the above it all pretense at the end. Of course, I have been known to think of heart day in shades of cynical black too. I like the one breath rant of this one Kiersty. 🙂

  3. Thank you both!! I got carried away and made these into postcards today. Whether I’ll get them by valentine’s day is anyone’s guess but if I do, I’ll hand them out around Hove and Brighton to stop all this anti-valentine nonsense I buy into, I mean, that I deplore, haha.

    If anyone would like one of these postcards, let me know and I’ll send it along when I get them!

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