12 thoughts on “Valentine No.4

  1. Very nice…I wasn’t sure where it was going at first but when I got there, I loved it. Just beautiful, graceful!

  2. Definately the latter. Much more fun but as the old films insisted long gone – just keep one foot on the ground.


  3. Cal – Thank you 🙂 It’s the Seven Sisters of course but yes, watch your step.

    John – to be honest, I’m panicking a little about it. The stats have shot up and that adds pressure for me actually to finish this series, haha. I’ll keep trying. Support while I’m doing it from people like you is really helping me to keep going so thank you!

    Tamara – woohoo! I think you are my first ever visitor from ‘the other place’. Thank you so much for following the link!

    Daisy – I seem to remember that they weren’t allowed to do love scenes without keeping one foot on the floor in the olden films? Am I right? Wow… that must have been , uhm, interesting 🙂

  4. Ahhh! No! Never, ever ever ever jump…unless of course you like to hit the ground lol I have got to tell you, this is wonderful and it is veering dangerously close to the edge of becoming song lyrics. 😉

  5. Oh another delicious addition to your Valentine’s series … this is clever and beautiful … and makes me think about ‘falling in love’ in a whole different way.

  6. Val – I’ve always wanted to be able to write lyrics but fail to steer myself away from cliches. Maybe one day, eh?
    Tracey – falling is weird isn’t it? This coming from the saddo that looked up ‘love’ in the dictionary.

  7. i enjoy your valentine’s series so much…i mean confining to a theme and then producing,innovating…impeccable poetry….cheers to you,Narnie

  8. “just close our eyes and jump”
    opt for the jump, rather than the fall ha ha
    there could be some middle path, something like
    ‘floating in love’. sigh, ha ha

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