9 thoughts on “Valentine No.5 (an anti-one?)

  1. I wonder how many times we change our shoes before finding a really comfy fit??
    Love this series, can’t wait for tomorrows!!

  2. The shoes must be red and well read to fit me but then, I’ve been running around barefoot lately and loving every minute of it. 😉

  3. Oh fantastic! 🙂

    This is a shoe tale of a more ‘real’ kind than that other fairy kind of tale in the form of ‘Cinderella’.

  4. Alice – thank you! I think we have to change them lots. The right shoes for the right ocassion… ones that don’t give you corns.
    Val – barefoot is good… but I was bought some lovely thick socks with furry lining for christmas and I wouldn’t complain if they were stapled to my feet. I love them.
    Tracey – Thank you 🙂 Cinderella was a glutton for punishment with those glass slippers.
    Brad – absolutely right! I remember walking on a Lanzarote beach and burning my feet. You don’t really notice until you’re a few yards out but then when it hits… ouch!
    Cal – you have no sole.

  5. It’s perfect !!! As women we reserve the right to change our mind or shoes at any given moment. It’s only fair.

    Ilove your poetry!

  6. there’s something really amazing bout the read/see read-and-see with the design and how it works with the writing and presents a different sort of aesthetic, which is very original. i’m trying to find a word to explain, how many times did i ‘vision’ or ‘visionate’ this piece, and every time came away with something different? so its like a sculpture, 3D with angles

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