9 thoughts on “Valentine No.7

  1. You consistently change styles but keep that trademark ambiguity. He sounds like he was quite a man. Anyone else you need to cater for with this valentlne lark?

  2. oh this is simply all heart. beautiful. i like the newness in the words, something fresh, like the roses, artful, the way the words are like blossoms
    and below, the scent of them is evoked thru the feeling, “i shall walk
    with them” leads to a path somehow widening, there is time, and footsteps
    or moments-when-theres-no-time, and footsteps – the walk is balanced in both. does that make any sense? anyway, it was an inspiration and i love it

  3. cal – you know me, I try to please everyone and end up failing most of the time 😉
    val – thank you 🙂
    tipota – your comments make me see things more colourfully, they expand on what I have written by letting me know what you are thinking and suddenly whamm, colours. Thank you. 🙂
    John – Thank you. I was very nervous about this one. Simple is not my usual style. 🙂

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