7 thoughts on “Valentine No.14 (mine, finale)

  1. a masterpiece. i was transported, color and scent and dashed with light, and soft moments with feeling bring in a whole wave of mellow sweetness, like tulips. and the tulip now is an image of the inestimable
    which i can really quite see

  2. This is a love story, plain and simple. An elegant, lip trembling, heart pounding love story. I’m officially jealous of this one Kiersty! Honest to god, you write like no one else and you always surprise us.

  3. Thank you cal 🙂
    Tipota – I truly believe tulips are inestimable and I think maybe they are so beautiful the way they droop as they fade. You know how special this poem was and why… thank you, x
    Val – it is a love story. And I am eternally grateful for having experienced the man who brought me tulips and who called me inestimable. 🙂
    gonecycling – thank you. Love like that is very rare I suspect.

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