Wulfstan’s Literary Tumble

As anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a firm believer in making art accessible to all. Most museums and art galleries are free in this country and that is a great gift. As artists, from whichever genre, it is understood that the gift of giving something we have created is the reason we keep doing it, whether there is monetary reward or not. Sometimes we have to take that leap of faith into doing something we believe in just because we hope it will bring pleasure and entertainment to someone, somewhere. The amount of work involved in making that happen is often immense and it is therefore with a huge fanfare that I would like to give a shout out to this first edition of Wulfstan’s Literary Tumble. It is a huge feat of drawing together the work of a group of people from around the world to produce something which is real, informative and entertaining. And it costs just $1… no, that is not a misprint. $1. There is poetry, fiction, reviews and wonderful images. And now I’ve allowed the $1 figure to soak in, I shall add that 10% of that goes to charity. It’s no lightweight either – 78 pages! If you would like a sample then go here or if you would like to be a supporter to the inaugural issue of this magazine then please go directly here and donate your $1 to ensure there is an issue 2!! A huge round of applause for my mate Wulfy for producing this magazine single-handed. I’m sure everyone will agree it is a tremendous thing to have achieved and not for the faint hearted. I wish him EVERY, every success with it.

Congrats Wulfy!

4 thoughts on “Wulfstan’s Literary Tumble

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out Kiersty and for being part of the first Issue. While we’ve only just got the first issue out there, we’re already looking towards the second issue with poetry from Nick Moore and Kiersty Boon’s debut as a columnist. I really hope you all like it.

  2. You are most welcome Wulfy. I mean every word of it. Dunno how I’ll go as a columnist but I’ll give it my best shot, haha. I truly, honestly, admire what you have done with this and hope you get loads of support to get it off the ground.

  3. Wow – that’s so fantastic!!
    It’s always so great to hear of other artists who are so generous with giving work and time to the world at large. I have no doubt they’ll be many more issues to come.


  4. Looking forward to reading this – and being part of the next one! Kudos for giving your time and talent to promoting this outstanding effort.

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