9 thoughts on “The Bartender Told Me (2)

  1. As fascinating portrait of two sides of a relationship seen up and down the country in most countries. The alcoholic trying to survive and the loved one tying to save the one she loves as she loses herself. Sad and poignant. I like the juxtaposition between his survival early on which gives hope and then the crushing end as she loses another pint of herself.

  2. Fantastic … this is an intense poem to read, like being let into a secret private world of two.

    I think I shall go back and read once more to soak up a different interpretation … 🙂

  3. You have the ability to be ‘in’ a scenario and to ‘out of’ a scenario simultaneously. Only a gifted writer could present an open wound with the timeless language of an artist. Beautiful and hurtin’ Kiersty.

  4. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I am going to make (3) a happy one if I can. Surely happy things happen in bars? haha. Thank you again. Your support means a lot.

  5. This is truly masterful. Such an ordinary yet profound moment perfectly illustrated. The quiet thought of that lizard tongue licking the table clean sends chills up my spine. And her resignation just breaks me in two…beautifully done.

  6. A devastatingly poignant portrait of the co-dependent personality. (And glad you stumbled across me so I could stumble across you!)

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