11 thoughts on “BURMA

  1. (B.U.R.M.A was often written on the backs of envelopes, especially during wwii. It stands for ‘Be Undressed and Ready My Angel’ 😉
    I like things that are written on the outside of envelopes that give a hint of what’s inside. 🙂

  2. transported me to the jungles for a brilliant moment there – this is so good in so many ways. expecially love the way the graphics are, its great to have that element work that way. the graphicss and the writing are inseparable.

  3. This classy, sexy and old school chic. My ma used to write SWAK on her letters when she was feeling particularly sweet which was about once a year. haha. I know someone who wrote something very nice on the outside of my envelope once. 😉 I agree, mail by post, especially when it’s personalized is precious. The first line and the last line are like ribbon tying up a package of words.

  4. I’ve never heard about the use of ‘B.U.R.M.A’ before … that’s wonderful! I like those little external hints to what lies within too.

    This is a glorious poem Kiersty, and as I read it on the screen, I actually hear it spoken in your voice … 🙂

  5. I wish I could reply to each one individually but here goes:
    tipota, you know I love the visual as much as the words and really without this background the words seemed almost insignificant. They grew as I nurtured them into a frame. xx
    Val, classy is such a lovely compliment, haha. This ones been made into a postcard!! It will be winging it’s way I hope between people very soon.
    gonecycling, NORWICH is a good one. My embarrassing revelation is that when I was a kid I would write ‘Postman, postman, don’t be slow. Be like Elvis, Go MAN GO!!’ haha. Thank you for visiting 🙂

  6. Narnie, your poem looks fantastic on here… just perfect. I hope to see some more of your poems on here soon…

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