10 thoughts on “If you were in Brighton or Hove today, this will make complete sense…

  1. I love the entire poem and I love the photograph and I covet the sun! We are having a snowstorm tonight. 😦 The second verse was a kicker and my new favorite Boon line is:: sigh the key in the door. Absolutely fantastic. 🙂

  2. Ms Boon, the idea of sighing the key into the door was magic. Somehow it really captures the feeling of the day and not wanting to go inside to let it go. The whole poem is well done = a sure sign it’s written by Kiersty Boon. – Mimi. xx

  3. Val – when you get to the shores of blighty, I will take you to that very pub for a beer 🙂 We may have to squint a little to put the key in the door when we eventually get back 😉
    alex – you know, I truly think that there may be some give and take. It’s like everything comes together when the sun shines and we lose our *need* for anything other than just sitting back and enjoying what nature’s offering us. Even if that does include some fine hops 🙂
    Mimi – you are wonderful. Having you pop by my page is almost as good as sitting down with an old friend and smiling. Thank you so much.
    Julia – Those photos are gorgeous!! Look at all the lines… the lines of the shore and the groynes and the horizon. It is like the most complicated mathematical equation which needs to explaining.
    Cal – you owe me a beer 🙂

  4. Indeed we will Kiersty and then we will write a poem about it! 😉 I already squint so it won’t be much of an effort lol

  5. How lovely … a very nice ‘smile at the day’ … and what a day it must have been! The photo you found is perfect.

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