14 thoughts on “A personal diatribe on tonight’s UK census

  1. The concensus is that Q17 is a micromicrospot camera that can put a face to non-co-operative types. Bet that’s got you worried.

  2. I am seriously freaked by Question 17. Do you think the person that devised it got sacked and whipped on the way out? What on earth did it ask? Maybe it was asking if they could borrow a fiver?

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  4. Question 17 is about the Welsh language (maybe something like Q. Are you able to speak Welsh without getting a sore throat?). As I’m out of the country I don’t have the pleasure of taking part this time. Are they still confusing ethnicity with race? still allowing someone to be Welsh or Scottish, but not English? Last time I put pagan as my religion; seems like that option has been expunged too. Lovely. Love the poem though!

  5. No you can choose English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or British. Ummmm…. British? Does that even exist anymore? (outside of the olympics)

  6. Maybe we’re going to be a peaceful Yugoslavia. Things are out of whack at the moment… at least we’ve moved on to allow the English to exist, before it was Welsh, Scottish, Irish and British. Progress! You know, even to this day in broken up former Yugoslavia there are a few hardy souls who say they are ethnically Yugoslavs; a made up ethnicity designed to bring different peoples together. I wonder if Britain breaks up; would there be a few hardy souls saying British?

  7. If we English were to be financially in line with the Welsh and Scots, such as free university places and free prescriptions then I’d proudly call myself British but at the moment, I feel pretty much like the outsider. Britain has already broken up, hasn’t it? To be honest, I think we’ve all been marginalised into the cities in which we live. Shhhh Wulfy. We’re not supposed to be talking politics 😉 heheh.

  8. This time we definitely agree. As I said before, I think we both want the same thing for our land even if we come from different angles. I was in Wales when it got free education. The Welsh got angry when I refused to be happy for them on the grounds of the English having to suck it all up. Btw, you think it’s bad in the cities; try being from a small town with below average income and above average prices. Did you know a kid in a northern city gets 10 times the amount of money spent on their education than someone in my town?

  9. Excellent, a rounded and compreshensive critique, you handed the census it’s head on a plate. Wonder what would happen if you posted the poem with your form? 😉

  10. I’d completely forgotten about the census… no chance of forgetting it now… though i don’t know how i’m going to be able to take it seriously after this. Maybe a few whiskies and a ‘please refer to my answer to question 17’… in fact ‘intentionally blank’ would probably be a good description of anyone after 14 whiskies!

  11. Peter – I did it online in the end having cocked up the paper one, haha. Much easier and you don’t have to include your telephone number, yay!
    Julia – whiskey is definitely a good idea and a tongue firmly in your cheek 😉
    Cal – You’ve gotta feel bad for those trekkies.

  12. Superb, Kiersty – really love this poem. In the question (I forget which of the 43-1 it was) that asked for my job title, I wrote ‘Freelance Copywriter’. Then in the next one, which asked what I did in my job, I put ‘Write copy’. Duh! And I realise now I forgot to mention my parallel career as a black marketeer and gun-runner. Oh, and the 14 illegal immigrants living under the stairs. Very careless.

  13. Just wonderful Kiersty … as ever your writing and your most excellent wit are spot on. That Q17 is a bit odd.

    I never like filling out forms like this, I hate being defined by strict criteria … most especially when the criteria they provide the choice between just don’t fit.

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