New Postcard!

I’ve been busy getting stock together for the Brighton Festival (have booked my first tickets, too!) and so far, this is one of my favourite postcards. It’s amazing how different fonts and backgrounds change the whole mood of the poem.

If you don’t already know… I give them away during the festival as part of the ‘spread some poetry around’ and now there are 16 in the postcard series! The nicest thing is when someone sends one back to me, haha… but just to know they get sent around is lovely.

The nicest one so far, do you agree?


13 thoughts on “New Postcard!

  1. The postcard is perfect, it
    Hey Ford!! Thank you!! I must pop over to the café and fill up on your lovely words. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  2. Looks awesome! Love the retro 70s look it has. I’m sure it’ll go down well at the festival.

    Thank you Mark! I like retro… prob an age thing, ssshhh. Maybe we’ll see you at the festival one day?

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  4. Unfortunately I’m a jumper with broken legs who has no concept of anything but jumping. I love the colours the design is very much like a couple of vinyl records. I agree with Mark, it is a very cool retro seventies look. 🙂

    I really like this design too. It’s homely don’t you think? Without being homely… it just feels like we’re okay with it. Oh there I go again… wittering. 🙂

  5. I’ve been very protective of my collection of Kiersty Boon postcards. I must get over that closetomyheartnessness and start sending them out soon. This one is a fabulous addition to your collection Kiersty.

    Thank you Brad! It makes me very happy when my postcards are bandied around and I can always send more!

  6. this is just too good, i dont know what else to say, it really works so well and is a genius idea, and yes this one is very striking and all of them are fabulous really!

    ((((((((((((you)))))))))))) I’m not sure whether it’s genius or stupidity but maybe the two are very closely set together, haha.

  7. Love the poem, love the postcard. Where can I get one? I guess it means leaving the Weald’s cosy greenness and braving the mean streets of The City of Brighton & Hove…but it’d be worth it. Great work, Kiersty.

    Mean streets it is! I may even let you join in the busking? Go on, go on 😉

  8. Found a way to reply individually! Now why didn’t I think of that before and then whoosh, it all answers itself at once. Thank you everyone!!

  9. OK, you persuaded me 🙂 Just say where and when!

    I’ll do a shout out to anyone who wants to join me when I see the weather forecast, haha but I’m going to try Jubilee Square area on opening day! Don’t forget to wear a hat!


    Falling in love
    To stand among the void
    Just burning
    Perfectly crucified
    In the middle of a nowhere
    We just can call home

    Falling in love
    Into a smile or a tear
    Hanging on the edge
    Of a scimitar blade
    Made of pure perfume
    Radiating through the eyes

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