10 thoughts on “Antiphon

  1. After the serious slushiness of the last poem, I thought it would be best to get back to kicking some arse. The fudge and milky bar buttons in the header are to sweeten the blow and were a rather delicious topping I put on a cake a few weeks back. Sickly. Sweet. 😉

  2. i remember that cake! i love this. particularly the this and the dont/do and the ever/never that appear almost counterpointedly while conveying the ‘melody’. love it!
    Thank you 🙂 I didn’t intend for it to come out this way when I first wrote it but I reckon I was having a good/bad day, haha.

  3. There you go again, giving Dorothy Parker a run for her money! So, how many bruises does this one leave on an ego I wonder? 😉
    Just one that’s the size of Africa, Val. 🙂

  4. You know, I never knew you were a doctor who fan!! I think you’ve been colluding with the Moff this week. My head was fit to explode after last week’s episode. I love this poem. It’s like an episode of the doctor right now, don’t you think? Ha ha. Keep it up coz. Brilliant as always. xxx
    Thank you! (Loving the new name :)) Oh and Doctor Who was fantastic this week… back to the magical fantasy rather than the weird science I can’t understand it fantasy. haha. xxx

  5. Oh, well done again! Beautifully crafted as always and a nice teasing little story for the reader: what exactly was that thought, and who was there, and where and why? We can supply all manner of answers for ourselves!
    Thank you John! As always it came from an occurence but then got skewed out of all recognition from the original. I hope that doesn’t spoil it for anyone 🙂

  6. I particularly liked ” a flippant fumble of thoughts sploshing…” and to “keep it buttoned up in a fairy tale”. Always enjoy your writing. – Mimi. xx
    It took me quite a while to come up with sploshing Mimi 🙂 I wondered about but-toned up instead but decided it was too pointed. xxx

  7. I love your snarky stuff. And that closing line is a killer. Another beauty, Kiersty.
    Snarky is such a wonderful word John. I have been told before that I do this tone quite well – it’s the way I’ve been brought up 😉

  8. Last two lines are like a punch in the gut,
    a reprimand.
    excellent poem, love some of your words choices, like splosh! lol

  9. There is always such power in your words Kiersty … as ever, your work is a delight to read and always leaves me both thinking and feeling your words long after I’ve departed your blog world.

    PS. I love, love, love the chocolate header (but you probably already knew that).
    PPS. Thanks for all your lovely and very generous comments on my blog, I’m dreadfully behind on things at the moment, but I’m always happy to see you stop by.

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