8 thoughts on “Pendent

  1. I have a friend trapped in memories now who loved a song I sang today with words I’ve added since. Seeing him helped me hit the notes.
    You’re a wonder Donald. I think your singing would be hard not to love.

  2. I like this…
    Hello! I’m so glad you like it – I do too. The first line has been swimming in my brain for some time now and the other words joined it all of a sudden.

  3. Love that opening line. Tipota got there before me with ‘exquisite’, but I agree absolutely. Beautifully-chosen words, and a lovely ethereal feel.
    Thank you Mr Cycling. That first line has been around for a while in my head. Isn’t the picture lovely? I can’t find a credit for it but those suitcases beat the hell out of my rubbishy pink zip up number.

  4. Oh this is delicate, lovely and sad all at once.
    You say so much with just a few lines of carefully constructed text Kiersty … once more I tip my hat to your poetic talent.

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