9 thoughts on “The Not The First Date

  1. Barb loved it too! Ow’ve y’bin?
    Of course Barb did, she knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about, haha. I’ve been good, Donald, thank you. 🙂

  2. Funny, naughty, insightful and rather poignant – I absolutely love it, Kiersty. And that last line is a killer; so much truth compressed into six small words.
    Thank you Mr gonecycling. I thought about doing something terse and cynical for the man getting ready but, honestly, it’s just a mystery. 😉 Hope to see you in some poet dive soon!

  3. Beautifully crafted as always,and amusing again, Kiersty. Probably should be required reading for my gender, although I think we men have a complementary set of anxieties. We’re post liberation (I hope – mostly anyway) but still there’s something basic about appearance and display that seems rooted in the DNA. Maybe all species of mammals and birds are alike in this in their courtship rituals?
    Anyway, your poem perfectly expresses that restless state of pre-date excitement and anxiety (which I can just about remember still!).
    It is all a dance, eh John. But you see it is probably as much for the woman as for the man… there’s something affirming about dotting i’s and all that stuff. Plus, it’s a lovely excuse to pamper.

  4. just wonderful, absolutely true and very funny too. and i love the way the words play like pucker and tuck, puck pinch and pose. ha ha ppperfect!
    I once wrote a poem about my day of P… a certain person liked it very much. I must see if I can find it. Although, it was just nonsense, haha. Thank you Tipota. Always makes me happy when you pass by.

  5. That is very true.
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I wonder for which date she just pinches her cheeks and sniffs her armpits? haha. I will enjoy reading your blog. Thank you again.

  6. In truth, the men’s version would only be a little bit shorter for an important date. We may even iron.

  7. Oh Kiersty, this is wonderful! Your words speak the truth and hold such witty charm … it must be fun to perform this live and hear the cheeky giggles it produces. 🙂

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