11 thoughts on “Watching the Paint Dry

  1. I’ve read this several times now and enjoyed it hugely. It has your hallmark of humour and zest, and underneath there’s some reflection on Life.
    Yes, we all say “I need a drink, I need chocolate, I need sex etc”. Most would say they also need love (but I like that line “… not fuckkingg love …” which can mean different things here) – and then that clever downbeat conclusion!
    I’ve started wondering whether this is a specially female poem. I don’t want to slip into gender stereotyping but I doubt whether most men would include chocolate or even conclude with sensible shoes (aren’t all shoes sensible?!); we might well add music to the list and perhaps end on cars, as in “you need a decent car/ at least”.
    But the message would be the same, wouldn’t it?

  2. Thank you very much everyone. This was one of those pleasant surprise just happened ones and I like it very much (very impolite to say such things but I’m rarely completely comfortable with everything I write). I apologise (again) for being so tardy in replying and getting around your blogs. Life is ridiculously hectic at the moment but I’m chasing the chink in the curtain as we speak. 🙂

  3. This is so excellent! Such truth wrapped up in playfulness. I remember a time – not too long ago even – when I never worried about the comfortable-ness of shoes…somehow that became a top priority.

  4. Fantastic Kiersty … I love how all your poems leave something unspoken around the edges. Regardless of the subject matter, there is always a good measure of wit and true reflection in your words.

    PS. I hope life settles down for you soon. I feel much the same way in my world… xx

  5. True indeed. I should have commented when I was first awed and moved by this poem – I’ll try to capture briefly and fumblingly some of the thoughts that came to me when it first blew me away, and maybe more that have come to me on revisiting and reflecting on the poem, as best as I can. This is such an interesting, heartfelt poem for something that seems to touch on emotions of boredom or ennui, because often when a writer finds themselves dealing with such things, its difficult perhaps to engage with anything, or find a handle on something within that, the everyday places that we don’t look on too fondly if we’re looking at them a certain way, the “nothing much” that can sometimes seem to be. You’ve found an absolute payload of observations, inspirations and colours within the hints of grey. But that’s not what the poem is, it’s an answer to Mr. Lennon and his philosophy as set out in that song, and you’re very astute and perceptive at “filling in the gaps” and correcting the shortcomings of that world-view. However, as someone who has been known shed a tear at the beauty and purity of that particular kind of naive vision, I might be tempted to play Devil’s Advocate here and say there’s still a place for it, if only as an ideal, something to sing and hope along to, something to transform life for a moment into something simple and singularly beautiful, a springboard from which to take the world on. But your sublime poem is the perfectly legitimate and eloquently expressed real-life flip-side to that song. Really, if his was a pop song, yours is a philosophical statement, that dispenses with some of the lush pleasantries and sentiment to find something truer which stands up as more than a sentiment for three minutes or so, as valid as that is too as another, equally effective capsule of a different feeling. I like how, you and Lennon, you’re both coming at love from different places. I like “the woman who grew into her couch”, that wonderful image and her living, breathing evocation, existence in this poem. That stanza is wonderful, and the poem is so strong as a defiant, excellently articulated counter-argument, a statement of a personal philosophy that knows with absolute confidence when to jump-ship from others, as a reality check and a much needed definition for the here and now, of an often confused, perhaps overused, word that gets weighed down with the Beatles-esque stuff and similar expressions and derivatives, that does the value of both – both expressions of “love” – no favours, when it comes to the present and the real world, and as many other things that I haven’t picked up on yet and an indefinable spirit, such irrepressible gumption! Thank you for the read, this poem is awesome!

  6. Hi Narnie
    I’m finally back on writerscafe and see that you left.. well~~~~~
    Comfortable shoes and balls of steel are definitely a plus while
    the paint drys .. Chocolate too. Very playful poetry … Thanks
    for the uplifting words of delightful wisdom…
    GBU POETRY aka Lee

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