10 thoughts on “Emotional Black (Mailed)

  1. this is an amazing work – brilliant and subtle and perfectly sculpted. you are so gifted, such a treasure. design change again i see above. always fascinating (((you)))

  2. Sad and clever – and fiesty! The lines swing along. I love “pleaded airmail, seamail, walk it” ! and “pain weighs heavy on the scales” – you have a canny way with words. I’m not quite sure how to interpret the italicised part but I’ll take it at face value in my simple masculine way – at any rate the poem grabs the reader’s interest and holds it firmly right to that ‘ching’ at the end.

  3. I think you are more talented than even you know Kiersty and this proves it. This made me hurt in my middle. You know how to poke holes in a bag of bullshit and pull out roses in bloom. Soon, you, me and Tuck. Got it?

  4. Thank you Tipota 🙂 I wrote this one quite a while ago but then I suddenly realised that it needed to just stop where it now stops… then I felt it was ready to post. Maybe it just needed to mature xx

  5. I got it, Val 🙂 I’m glad you could feel the words… I always worry that sometimes I can’t relate it so it’s lovely to receive affirmation.

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