Valentine, shwoops

I really enjoyed and stressed over the valentine series last year. I thought this year that I would just pick out my favourite one. It wasn’t everyone’s favourite but then that was more of the point perhaps… It was an experiment and aesthetically it pinpointed the ‘feel’ of the relationship rather than any pedantics of ‘proper’ poetry.

My favourite from last year’s valentine becomes my only valentine this year.

6 thoughts on “Valentine, shwoops

  1. many revealing lines. revelatory lines
    i love the first line.
    i love many lines.
    a unique and simple description of something common and so uniquely human

  2. You give us a most intimate picture. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Most of us have been there and can relate to the moments of calm intimacy; the wondering how you never are tired of the details of each other’s bodies and souls. Ah, love! Thank you for sharing this again. – Mimi xx

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