See you on the flip side, Roger

Roger Wood was a friend, ally and fellow giggler. His intelligence and sharpness in correcting the small slips most don’t notice, meant I kept on my toes before collapsing into giggles. He was a gentleman and a gentle man.

Roger was very proud of this video. We filmed it one day in George Street and I sighed when I saw him as he’d worn a smart leather coat, when I wanted him to be a tramp! But he is and was the star, giggling when people warily looked at us filming and then trying not to giggle when I kept shouting at him, “Roger! Be serious man, you’re supposed to be desperately sad now…” We performed the poem often together and he would take on the male voice, while I took on the narrator. He performed well. He cared and that showed in how people received his words.

I shall miss you terribly, my friend. Rest in blissful peace.

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