5 thoughts on “Bartender Told Me (1)

  1. The podcast is a mesmerising combination of poetry and jazz… i love the twists and turns of the poems engaging narrative… and all so beautifully timed and rhymed… ‘ooze’ and ‘booze’ ;-)… love it to bits. Jx

  2. You know what I think of your work Kiersty. Not one word, sound or emotional nuance was out of place or time. Your cadence is perfection and using the echo was an act of pure genius. Holy moly you are a talented broad! 🙂

  3. it’s beautiful and rich and sweet like dark chocolate on velvet. just beautifuly done, bravo!!! and the music and the voice flow together and make such a
    powerful yet subtle whole. absolutely shines with brilliance. bravo again yay!

  4. Oh my … I loved your podcast … I shall have to echo the flatteries left by those who visited before me. You are a true talent Kiersty and your work is always a pleasure to read and hear.

  5. Thank you so much all of you 🙂 I think I probably fret about these podcasts too much but then, if I can’t do it properly….
    Again, again, my apologies for being so quiet. Life stuff gets in the way sometimes. I’m trying to get my arse back into gear. xxxx

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